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Caroline Miller

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> Dear BIBCO colleagues,  On May 5 and 6, both BIBCO and CONSER Operations
> Committees will meet at LC, along with PCC chairs and the Standing
> Committee chairs.  Ten designated BIBCO representatives constitute the
> BIBCO Operations Committee, and other BIBCO libraries are welcome to
> attend if they wish.  It's helpful to hear your plans in advance so that
> we have sufficient handouts, seating, etc.
> Portions of the sessions are held separately, and portions jointly,
> covering topics of wide interest.  We are drafting the agenda currently,
> and welcome suggestions for topics from BIBCO members.
> In our group sessions, we will hear reports from the utilities and from
> the Standing Committees on Automation, Standards, and Training, and will
> devote some time to long-range planning for the PCC.  Other joint agenda
> items include: the development of AACR3, planning for the use of multiple
> 260 fields, and a presentation on the LC Pilot on Access-level Records.
> The PCC Tactical Plan objective 3.1.6 calls for a strengthening of NACO
> and BIBCO training a documentation support members in their continuing
> membership and record contribution.  The committee working on that
> objective would benefit from the thoughts of the BIBCO OpCo group and all
> BIBCO member libraries, either noting helpful practices in local
> institutions, or gaps that could be filled with new program materials.
> Please send your questions and ideas so that we can include them in an
> OpCo agenda to be posted soon.  Thanks.
> Carolyn Sturtevant
> BIBCO Coordinator
> Library of Congress
> 202-707-4551
> 202-252-2082 fax
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Caroline R. Miller
Head, Monographic Cataloging and
   Authority/Database Maintenance Sections
UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center
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