The Bacteria
v.3: Biosynthesis, 1962
v.4: The Physiology of Growth, 1962
v.5: Heredity, 1964

Treatise on Analytical Chemistry Part I, Theory and Practice

v.1:  Analytical Chemistry: It's Objectives, Function, and Limitations
      Application of Chemical Principles

v.2:  Application of Chemical Principles cont.
      Separation: Principles and Technics

v.3:  Separation: Principles and Technics cont.

v.4:  Magnetic Field Methods of Analysis
      Electrical Methods of Analysis

v.5:  Optical Methods of Analysis

v.6:  Optical Methods of Analysis cont.

Technique of Organic Chemistry
v.1-part 1, Physical Methods of Organic Chemistry, 1965
v.1-part 3, Physical Methods of Organic Chemistry, 1960
v.2, Catalytic Reactions, Photochemical Reactions, Electrolytic
Reactions, 1956
v.3, Separation and Purification, 1956
v.4, Micro and Semimicro Methods, 1954
v.5, Adsorption and Chromatography, 1951
v.9, Chemical Applications of Spectroscopy, 1968

Physical Methods of Chemistry
v.1 - part 1A, Components of Scientific Instruments, 1971
v.1 - part 1B, Automatic Recording and Control, Computers in Chemical
v.1 - part 3, Optical, Spectroscopic, and Radioactivity Methods

Volumetric Analysis
v.1, Theoretical Fundamentals, 1942
v.2, Titration Methods: Acid-Base, Precipitation, and Complex-Formation
Reactions, 1947
v.3, Titration Methods: Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, 1957

Technique of Inorganic Chemistry
v.1, 1963
v.2, 1963
v.3, 1963
v.4, 1965
v.5, 1965
v.6, 1966

Advances in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation
v.7, 1968
v.9, Spectrochemical Methods of Analysis, 1971

Progress in Oceanography
v.1, 1963
v.2, 1964
v.3, 1965
v.4, 1967
v.5, 1969
v.6, 1973

Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review
v.1, 1963
v.2, 1964
v.3, 1965
v.4, 1966
v.5, 1967
v.6, 1968
v.7, 1969

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