Management in Action: guidelines for new managers / William D. Hitt

The Complete energy-saving home improvement guide / Morrison

Resources. environment, & economics: applications of the
materials/energy balance principle / Robert U. Ayres

Unacceptable risk: the nuclear power controversy / by McKinley C. Olson.

Designing for high technology use:  proceedings of a session sponsored
by the Structural Group of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section
in conjunction with the ASCE National Convention in Boston,
Massachusetts, October 27, 1986 / edited by Charles Calotta

Cleaning our environment, the chemical basis for action; a report.

Dynamic planning for environmental quality in the 1980's:  proceedings
urban planning and development division specialty conference, Sheraton
Anaheim Hotel, Anaheim, California, July 25-27, 1977 /  sponsored by the
Urban Planning and Development Division of The American Society of Civil

General information concerning patents:  Department of Commerce, Patent
and Trademark Office,

Noise measurements, second interim report, 1974-1975 / by Thomas Fuca,
Vincent Gazzillo, Chuck Wong. New Jersey.  Department of Transportation.
 Division of Research and Development

Science and cancer / by Michael B. Shimkin

The Medicine show:  Consumers Union's practical guide to some everyday
health problems and health products /

Cancer, the outlaw cell / Richard E. LaFond, editor

Feast or famine:  food, farming, and farm politics in America / Ed

The Water Planet: a celebration of the wonder of water / Lyall Watson

The Implementation of complex information systems / Andrew E. Wessel

Computerized Library catalogs: their growth, cost and utility / Dolby,
Forsyth and Resnikoff

Guide to American Directories / Klein, 1965

The pedestrian revolution; streets without cars / Simon Breines and
William J. Dean.

The death of Ramoìn Gonzaìlez: the modern agricultural dilemma /  by
Angus Wright.

Pesticides and the living landscape / Robert L. Rudd.

Moment in the sun;   a report on the deteriorating quality of the
American environment / Robert Rienow and Leona Train Rienow.

A conservation saga.

America the raped; the engineering mentality and the devastation of a

The earthworms (Lumbricidae and Sparganophilidae) of Ontario /  John W.
Reynolds ; illustrated by Daniel L. Dindal.

The politics of extinction :  the shocking story of the world's
endangered wildlife /  Lewis Regenstein.

Vanishing wildlife of North America / Thomas B. Allen. Foreword by
Gilbert M. Grosvenor.

The Carson factor / William Ashworth.

Water and life /  Lorus & Margery Milne ; drawings by Kenneth Gosner.

Water pollution / Julian McCaull, Janice Crossland.

Playing God in Yellowstone :  the destruction of America's first
national park /  by Alston Chase

Network flow programming / Paul A. Jensen, J. Wesley Barnes.

Linear and nonlinear programming : an introduction to linear methods in
mathematical programming /  Roger Hartley.

Information systems concepts for management / Henry C. Lucas, Jr.

Humanized information systems analysis and design: people building
systems for people / Kenneth A. Kozar.

Water--or your life. / Foreword by Jay N. Darling.

City traffic :  a systems digest / Horst R. Weigelt, Rainer E. Götz,
Helmut H. Weiss ; translated by Gunther F. Wengatz.

America's technology slip /  Simon Ramo.

The pollution paradox / J.I. Bregman & Sergei Lenormand.

Man, materials, and environment;  a report to the National Commission on
Materials Policy.

Nuclear Science and society / Cohen

Wilderness Economics and Policy / Irland

Remote Sensing: techniques for environmental analysis / Estes & Senger

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