FEDLIB subscribers may be interested in this job announcement.  The U.S. Department of State will be recruiting for the position of Foreign Service Information Resource Officer(IRO). 


On a personal note, this is the position for which I left FEDLINK in September 2003.  I have recently finished with my Spanish language studies at the Foreign Service Institute, and will depart for my assignment as IRO in Mexico City at the end of the month.


Thank you for your interest, and best of luck in the application process.




Steven Kerchoff

Information Resource Officer






1.  Action for admin/personnel offices - please post for all mission employees.

2.  Herewith is the relevant text of a vacancy announcement for a career candidate appointment as a Foreign Service Information Resources Officer at the FP-03 level.  Potential candidates should be encouraged to read the announcement carefully.


3.  All qualified persons are eligible for consideration under this announcement.


4. The opening date is February 28, 2005 and the closing date is April 29, 2005.


5.  Persons recommended by a qualifications evaluation panel for further consideration (ie. An interview/oral assessment) are responsible for their own transportation and lodging expenses.


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United States Department of State

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Announcement No:  FSIRO-05-01

Opening Date:  February 28, 2005

Closing Date:  April 29, 2005




Grade and Starting Salary Range: FP-03, $58,845 - $86,416


Additional Benefits:  Tax Free Housing overseas, Tax Free Educational allowance, etc., plus benefits package (See "Benefits Package" brochure for more information)


Number of Vacancies: The Department of State is developing a rank-order List of Eligible Hires to fill a limited number of Foreign Service Information Resources Officer vacancies.  The specific number to be hired will depend on the needs of the Foreign Service.


Area of Consideration:  All Sources


Location: Individuals must be willing to serve world-wide. Generally, following a brief orientation period at the Department of State in Washington, D.C., newly hired Foreign Service Information Resources Officers will serve an initial two year tour at a Foreign Service post overseas, and will usually spend approximately 75 percent of their careers stationed abroad, moving at two-to-four year intervals.  The remainder of their time will be spent at the Department of State in Washington, D.C.





The Department of State's Office of International Information Programs (IIP) is the principal international strategic communications service for the foreign affairs community.  Multi-functional IIP teams design, develop, and implement a variety of information initiatives created strictly for key international audiences, such as the media, government officials, opinion leaders, and academia in more than 160 countries around the world.   IIP prides itself on using cutting-edge technology and strategic alliances to produce information products and services, including Web sites, electronic journals, speaker programs, and print publications uniquely designed to support State Department initiatives, as well as those of other U.S. foreign policy organizations.


Through its corps of 30 Foreign Service Information Resources Officers, IIP provides professional direction and guidance to 170 Information Resource Centers located at U.S. embassies abroad, while the headquarters office in Washington establishes overall program policy, and provides technical and administrative support, centralized acquisition of electronic information resources, and centralized training programs. 


All Information Resources Officers assigned overseas have regional positions.  Information Resources Officers work closely with the Information Resource Center programs at their home posts and are responsible for regularly visiting all the Information Resource Centers within their areas of regional responsibility, which may include five to ten countries.  Information Resources Officers are presently assigned to the following home posts:  Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Dakar, Jakarta, Lagos, Mexico City, Moscow, Nairobi, New Delhi, Pretoria, Rome, Tokyo, Vienna, and Washington, D.C.


While the preference of an applicant for a particular post or area of assignment is given every possible consideration, assignments are dictated by "the needs of the Foreign Service."




Foreign Service Information Resources Officers provide professional leadership and support to 170 Information Resource Centers located at U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, and to the 450 Foreign Service National employees who operate them. Through extensive travel within the assigned region, Information Resources Officers provide professional direction and guidance to Information Resource Centers by:


-        Counseling and assisting U.S. Mission officials in determining and developing the most effective program of information resources and services needed to meet the post's Public Diplomacy and Mission goals.

-        Establishing an annual plan of activities and program development in consultation with post officials and Information Resource Center staff, which includes identifying the funding, staffing, and facilities necessary to support the program.

-        Evaluating Information Resource Center management policies and practices, and advising post officials on methodology for improving productivity and effectiveness.

-        Evaluating Information Resource Center information resources, and advising post officials on electronic and print collection development needs.

-        Supervising or advising post officials on the supervision of Foreign Service National employees who operate U.S. Mission Information Resource Centers.

-        Assessing the professional development needs of Foreign Service National staff, providing direct on-the-job training, and creating training programs to meet regional staff development requirements.

-        Demonstrating and promoting the use of U.S. electronic information resources, including those developed by IIP or other U.S. Government agencies which address issues of U. S. public policy, to Foreign Service National staff, U.S. Mission officials, and foreign audience members from local institutions which the U.S. Mission has identified as key to the bilateral relationship with the United States.

-        Evaluating and reporting on host country information infrastructure to determine and recommend realistic information programs and applications of electronic information technology appropriate for the local environment.

-        Establishing and maintaining contacts with host country information institutions as a  representative of the U.S. professional information community, to support the creation of U.S.-host country institutional linkages, international exchanges, and local institutional development, as appropriate. 

-        Evaluating and reporting to Washington (IIP and Regional Bureaus) on the Information Resource Center programs in the geographic area of regional responsibility, and recommending program improvements.




The salary grade for Foreign Service Information Resources Officers is FP-03.  The actual salary is dependent upon such factors as additional graduate level education and directly-related specialized experience beyond that necessary to satisfy qualifications criteria.  To be creditable, such education and specialized experience must be in excess to that which is required to qualify as described under Education and Qualifications Requirements and Specialized Requirements. Salary level will be determined at the time of a conditional offer of employment.  Individuals already working in government positions may be appointed based on highest previous rate as a Federal employee, which will be determined at the time of a conditional offer of employment.


Grade  Salary    Education   General   Specialized  Total

Level  Range

FP-03  $58,845-    M.L.S.      2            3        5



-        One in-grade step increase may be given for a Master's degree in addition to the M.L.S., in a work-related field, awarded before the date of appointment.

-        Two additional steps may be given for a doctoral degree in a work-related field, awarded before the date of the appointment.



-        One step for 3 to 4 years of closely related experience

-        Two steps for 5 to 6 years of closely related experience

-        Three steps for 7 or more years of closely related experience


Foreign Service Information Resources Officers are considered for promotion annually in competition with others in their specialty.  Foreign Service Career Candidates are considered for tenure by a Tenuring Board after they acquire a minimum of two years experience in the Foreign Service as a Specialist Career Candidate.





In addition to the general requirements for employment in the Foreign Service, an applicant must have an M.L.S. (Master's in Library and Information Science) from an American Library Association-accredited graduate program and at least five years of progressively responsible experience in the library or information center programs or services, with in-depth experience in functional areas relevant to the State Department's Information Resource Center program.  Knowledge of and experience in the use of current information technologies are essential as U.S. Mission Information Resource Centers operate in an electronic environment.




Applicants must have a minimum of five years of recent, progressively responsible experience in functional areas relevant to the Department of State's Information Resource Center program.  Specialized experience must demonstrate the applicant possesses the in-depth knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform effectively as an Information Resources Officer at any U.S. State Department mission overseas. 

-        Knowledge of current U.S. library and information science theory and practice, with special emphasis on electronic information resources and services.

-        Experience in the administration of substantial library or information center programs and services, including development of policy, program planning, and budgeting.

-        In-depth experience in one or more functional areas of library or information center work, such as administration, reference, collection development, or information technology.

-        Ability to work effectively with officials and foreign national staff to design, implement, evaluate and promote Information Resource Center programs in a cross-cultural environment. 

-        Ability to supervise and effectively manage the activities of subordinates involved in the production and transfer of library or information center products or services.

-        Knowledge of Internet-based and commercial database electronic information resources.

-        Skill in oral communication, including the ability to carry out public speaking.

-        Skill in written communication, including the ability to produce concise evaluative reports and program development plans.

-        Ability and stamina to carry out extensive travel, including long international airplane flights, as well as regular travel in overseas areas of varying climates and conditions.



The ideal candidate will have some or all of the following knowledge and experience.


-        Experience in designing and carrying out training programs and/or presentations or demonstrations on library or information center electronic resources.

-        Background in the social sciences, with particular emphasis on U.S. public policy and foreign relations.

-        Experience in working and living abroad.

-        Knowledge of area studies in one or more foreign areas.

-        Some knowledge of one or more foreign languages.




Purpose:  To allow an opportunity to describe your experiences that relate to the required skills which best show your ability to accomplish the work of the Foreign Service Information Resources Officer.


Instructions:  Using plain white paper and either a typewriter or word processor, individually address each of the numbered items listed below, limiting your responses to 200 words or less for each item.  The writing should be double-spaced.  Examples can be drawn from any part of your experience, but must reflect personal accomplishments.  You should compose your replies carefully as one of the skills required of an experienced Information Resources Officer is the ability to write clearly and concisely.


1.  Leadership and Teamwork Abilities:  Describe examples of your ability to lead a team in the accomplishment of a goal, and to participate as a team member working toward a common goal.

2.  Functional Experience:  Describe specific examples which demonstrate your experience in carrying out information programs or services in a library or information center setting.

3.  Organizational Abilities:  Describe a specific achievement demonstrating your planning and organizational skills in a library or information center setting.

4.  Public Speaking and Teaching Abilities:  Describe specific examples which demonstrate your public speaking and teaching abilities in a library or information center setting.




The following materials are required for a complete application package.  These materials become the property of the Department of State and will not be returned.  All items listed must be submitted together.


1.  Completed Application for Federal Employment (DS-1950).

2.  Completed Employment Data Form.  This form is found on pages 6 & 7 of Form DS-1950.  This is an optional form, which requests information to be used for statistical purposes only.


3.  Official transcripts, plus any other documentation which includes courses taken, grades, semester or quarter hours earned, cumulative grade point averages for all courses taken, class standing, and major (copy of M.L.S. degree).


4.  Completed Supplementary Questionnaire.



These documents should be addressed to:


U.S. Department of State

Application Evaluation Branch

Attn: Information Resources Officer Program

2401 E Street, N.W., Room H-518

Washington, D.C. 20522





Deadline for applications for this vacancy announcement is April 29, 2005.  The Department of State will be hiring a limited number of candidates.  Please note that the average processing time for an application is 7-9 months, including the completing of credentialing, medical and security clearances.


Applications which are received through State's inter-office mail system or mailed in Government-franked envelopes, will not be processed.


Executive Branch agencies are barred by 5 US Code 3303 as amended from accepting or considering prohibited recommendations and are required to return any prohibited political recommendations to sender.  In addition, as mandated by US Code 310, sons and daughters of federal employees cannot be granted preference in competing for these employment opportunities.


The Department of State is committed to equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment for all without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, disabling condition, political affiliation, marital status, or prior statutory, constitutionally protected activity.