I'd like to apologize for the latest round of problems we have been experiencing that have impacted many of OCLC's services.  While I know it comes as little solace to the users that have been unable to complete their daily activities, please be aware that the problems we have been experiencing the past two days are in no way related to those that we had last week.

Our most recent problems appear to stem from an issue with 'orphaned' processes within the WorldCat database system.  These processes build until we reach the maximum number configured at which point new sessions are denied and the database becomes unavailable.  We have increased the
maximum number of processes in an attempt to allow some 'head room' however this appears to have had little affect since we quickly consumed the additional capacity.

We are currently monitoring the situation as closely as possible and are stopping the phantom processes as they are identified.  We are also working as quickly as possible to determine the root cause of the problem and will implement whatever changes are necessary as quickly as possible to eliminate the problem entirely.  

I will update you as often as possible on the status of our efforts.


Mark W. Logsdon
Manager, Production Systems Support 
OCLC, Online Computer Library Center, Inc.