There is a problem with the proliferation of examples in different
places, not only in the web pages cited in this message, but also
several CONSER pages.  It makes it very hard to keep everything in sync,
especially when corrections are made.  To my mind, the full MARC 21
Format for Holdings Data (MFHD) should be the definitive source.  The
various Web pages should be consolidated and some of them eliminated.

A number of examples in MFHD were corrected in update 5, which is
available in Cataloger's Desktop.  The example Judy talks about was one
of them.  It is in 853-855 |y in the section Enumeration Code.  An
explanation of the pattern is there.  This example is also on the page
<> but in the form it
previously had in MFHD, which didn't make sense.  However, the
explanation is there; it begins "Item is published twenty-four times per
year ..."  The important part is |y ce21/3,4/6 which means the 2nd level
of enumeration is combined as no. 1/3 and 4/6.  So, on the 2nd Wed. in
Jan., v.1:no.1/3 is issued, on the 4th Wed. v.1:no.4/6; on the 2nd Wed.
in Feb., v.2:no.1/3, on the 4th Wed. in Feb., v.2:no.4/6, etc.  So there
is a new volume every month.

The more complex examples in the concise format are less useful without
explanations about what kind of pattern is being illustrated.

The Network Development and MARC Standards Office has been made aware of
many other difficulties with the examples in MFHD and has indicated that
more corrections will be made as the documentation is converted to XML.

Judy Levi wrote:
> The following examples are taken from
> http://www.locgov/marc/holdings/echdcapt.html#mrchcap
> <>
> I would like to point out that I think there is a mistake in the third
> example, $ypw02we,04we + $u6 means that the first level of enumeration
> will increase every 3 months; therefore it seems to me that $x should be
> 01,04,07,10.
> *853** 02$8*1*$a*v.*$b*no.*$u*52*$v*c*$w*w*$y*ce251/52
> *853** 02$a*v.* $i*(year)*$w*g*$y*pyyyy1/yyy2
> *853**
> 02$8*1*$a*v.*$b*no.*$u*6*$v*r*$w*s*$x*01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12*$y*pw02we,04we*$y*ce21/3,4/6
> *853**
> 02$8*1*$a*v.*$b*no.*$u*365*$v*c*$i*(year)*$j*(month)*$k*(day)*$w*d*$x*0101*$y*cd1224/1225*$y*ce2358/359*$n*Based
> on v. 11, no. 2172/2173, December 24/December 25, 2001.
> However, please note the following example at
> *853**
> 02$8*1.0*$a*v.*$b*no.*$u*51*$v*c*$i*(year)*$j*(month)*$w*w*$y*cw1204/1205*$y*ce251/52
> There are other examples on this page that also have not been corrected. .

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