Saturday, March 19, 2005
     Devanagari is the script used to write Hindi, Nepali, Marathi and generally Sanskrit. Some people may be interested in being able to do a search and get results that display Devanagari script. If so go to  when it comes up do a keyword search on the word 'madhuparka' . You should get a record for a Nepali serial with its Devanagari title. My pc at home did and it does not have any special fonts loaded onto it. I know no other details about this such as what vendors's software it uses, does it use MARC records, does it use Unicode, are there indexes on the vernacular, etc. I hope the MARC character repertoire can soon be expanded so that records with Devanagari and other scripts can be shared.   
          JIm Agenbroad ( [log in to unmask] )