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As you may be aware, in light of recent system disruptions and in response to requests from Regional Service Providers and library staff, OCLC has made the decision to extend the May 1, 2005, migration date for Passport cataloging and NACO CatME users to June 5, 2005, to allow more time for training in preparation for the move.  

The change will mean that on June 5, any remaining authority records that are in an institution's save file will be permanently lost (locks will be removed, edits will be lost, etc.).   Because authority records that are currently in the Passport or CatME save file cannot be moved into Connexion, it is imperative that appropriate action be taken to clean out all authority records that reside in an institution's save file. OCLC staff will not be able to retrieve any lost data, and the following processes will be permanently disabled in Passport and/or CatME:

Important clarification for CatME users:

OCLC will discontinue support for NACO functionality in CatME on June 5, however,  CatME users *will* be able to continue to search, edit, and export authority records until July 1.

Please see <> for additional information on migrating to Connexion.

--Becky Dean

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