Michael: Thank you for help!!!

I have a further question: how can I also show the legend of the photo,
while just hovering over it? 

What about the size of the picture? 

In HTML I would use <img src="..." alt="text of the legend" height="..."
width="..." >


Andre Kahle

A 14:06 2005/04/12 -0500, Fox, Michael a écrit :
>   This is a two step process.  
>    1.  In your finding aid, you obviously have to include a pointer to
the image file in your encoding of each <dao>.  Assuming that this is a url
in an HREF attribute, it might look like this.
>        <dao show="embed" href="picture.jpg"/>
>     2.  You need to include a template like the following in your
stylesheet to create the link from the <dao> element to the digital image
><xsl:template match="dao[@show='embed']">
>        <img src="{@href}">
>                <xsl:apply-templates/>
>        </img>
>   In the example above, this would generate the following in your HTML
>        <img src="picture.jpg">
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>Subject: Linking jpegs using <dao>
>I am trying to encode a finding aid  and am having problems linking to the
>jpegs. I have jpegs of every item described in the inventory of this finding
>aid and I would like to link to the component description to the jpeg. I'd
>like to use <dao> . I've tried inserting <dao> and setting the attributes,
>but when I transform my file to html there is no link. Do I need to add
>something to my stylesheet to do this? Should I use a linking tag other than
><dao>?  I'm sorry if the answer is obvious - my ead skills are rusty (at
>best) and I've never tried to link to an outside file before.
>Any help is much appreciated!
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