You are invited to participate in Outsell, Inc.'s annual Information Management Benchmark Operations Study.  This study, covering industries and government agencies and academic institutions, will focus on information management functions such as information centers and libraries; knowledge management;  records management; and competitive intelligence.

This study is concerned with job roles, organization, reporting, budget, users, staff, services, and strategic management.  Outsell's Vendor Portfolio Management Benchmark study runs in the fall.
Your answers will remain confidential and will be aggregated with others.  Respondents who complete the survey will receive their choice of one of the following complete Outsell briefings, which they may download immediately after completing the survey.
     The Changing Roles Of Content Management Functions: View From The Corporate Sector, 2004

     The Changing Roles Of Content Management Functions: View From The Government Sector, 2004

We ask that only one person from each department or buying unit answer the survey to avoid duplicate responses from the same organization.

Please enter the survey at: 
User: Outsell
Password: survey

The survey will close on Friday May 13, 2005 at midnight Pacific Time.

If you have questions, please contact Karen Wilson at [log in to unmask] 

We value your input and appreciate your time.  The results of this study will provide invaluable insights into the strategic direction for information management functions.