It was just brought to my attention that ‘alt’ was added to ISO 639-2 for Southern Altai, but this addition never got reflected in the ISO 639-2 web site. (And, as a result, in ISO/DIS 639-3 I incorrectly list ‘alt’ as not being in part 2.)


I’ve appended Havard’s announcement below.






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Subject: New item in ISO 639 - Southern Altai

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The ISO 639 Registration Authorities' Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) has approved the following:


Alpha-3 identifier: alt

(No alpha-2 identifier has been assigned.)


English name: Southern Altai


French name: altaï du Sud


Southern Altai is a Northern Turkic language used in Asian Russia.


For further information about the JAC and the maintenance of ISO 639, please see


Best regards,

Håvard Hjulstad