The key point here in MODS <name><description. is that it's a textual
description. 1XX $b (Numeration) and $c (Titles and other words associated
with a name) are mapped to <name><namePart type="termsOfAddress"> when it
is considered part of a controlled form of the name. <description> is any
type of textual description associated with someone. So if "clockmaker" is
part of the controlled form of name, use with termsOfAddress rather than


On Fri, 29 Apr 2005, Schupbach ,Mr William wrote:

> >From the MODS guidelines on personal names:
> <description>

>   "description" may be used to give a textual description for a name
> when necessary, for example, to distinguish from other names. This
> element does not have a MARC 21 equivalent.
> Surely the MARC 21 equivalent is X00 $c.
> The examples in the MODS guidelines are "American artist, 20th c" and
> "District Commissioner", while the examples in MARC 21 X00 include
> "clockmaker" and "map maker".  AACR2R2002 22.19A.1 offers "(Notary)"
> and "(Anglo-Norman poet)".
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