Network Bulletin No. 05-20

Date:   April 22, 2005

Subject:  Staff, NLS
Index term: Direct-dial telephone numbers
and e-mail addresses

A revised telephone extension list for the NLS staff is attached.  Please note that it includes
e-mail addresses also.  The general e-mail address for NLS is [log in to unmask]
The addresses for specific sections or functions are:

Braille Development, braille transcribing    [log in to unmask]
Music                                        [log in to unmask]
Parts to order for machine repairs           [log in to unmask]
Reference                                    [log in to unmask]
Web manager                                  [log in to unmask]

We will update this list as needed.  Your comments about the usefulness of this list or your
suggestions for modifications will be appreciated.

[Enclosure: A printed enclosure was mailed with this bulletin on April 22, 2005.]

This list is in the NLS Network Library Manual at
where it is updated as changes occur.

For further information contact:

Linda C. Redmond
Head, Reference Section
(202) 707-9276
[log in to unmask]