I have filed my pages and they seem to be ok, but I've checked with
others and they too have pages with variant information albeit not
necesarily the ones you reported.
In order to make sure that we're all looking at the same thing, I've posted
the entire 667 section on the NACO Home Page so that you can print that out
and  replace your entire 667 section to assure that you're not missing
pages, etc.
Please remember that the updates will be published electronically in
Cataloger's Desktop in August.  Have a great weekend.
Ana Lupe Cristán
Cooperative Cataloging Specialist/on detail to CPSO
Library of Congress, LM 537
Washington, DC 20540-4382
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Ana, I've just noticed that the new p. 2 does not match up with the existing
p. 1 either, so presumably p. 1 should have been included also.--RHH

Ana, Dr. Tillett's cover memo indicates that only p. 2 and 5-6 of the 667
yellow pages are included, and this is in fact the case, both for the PDF
file and the hard copy which I have just received.  However, it appears that
p. 3 and 4 should have been included also; the existing p. 3-4 (August 2003)
do not match up with the new p. 2 and 5.--RHH

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Cross-posted --Apologies
The April 2005 update to the Library of Congress' Descriptive Cataloging
Manual (Z1) and the LC Guidelines Supplement to the MARC 21 Format for
Authority Data has been posted to the NACO Home page at  This .PDF documentation
contains only the new or changed pages plus a cover memo and is for use by
those insitutions that have print copies.  LC's Cataloging Distribution
Service will include these updates in their next issue of Cataloger's
Desktop scheduled for August, 2005