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At 4/28/2005 03:41 PM, Gene Fieg wrote:
>When I click on the link in your memo, I get “file not found.”
>Gene Fieg
>Claremont School of Theology
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>Subject: Updates to LC cataloging documentation available
>The April 2005 update to the Library of Congress' Descriptive Cataloging 
>Manual (Z1) and the LC Guidelines Supplement to the MARC 21 Format for 
>Authority Data has been posted to the NACO Home page at 
>This .PDF documentation contains only the new or changed pages plus a 
>cover memo and is for use by those insitutions that have print 
>copies.  LC's Cataloging Distribution Service will include these updates 
>in their next issue of Cataloger's Desktop scheduled for August, 2005


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