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> I would expect that clients can use this info  to request for
> x-serverinfo more or less automatically. In that respect it may alter
> what goed on trhe wire. Am I wrong? Maybe it is also the right place for
> a server to indicate whether this information is also part of the
> information sent automatically when x-info-accept=any  has been added in
> the request.

It's not going to be automatically, unfortunately, due to the split
between SRW's requests and SRU's requests.

For example, I keep the following additional information in my ZeeRex file
to do that mapping:

     <supports type="extension"
                c3:type = "response"
                c3:sruName = "info1-serverVersion"
                c3:function = "implementationResponseHandler"
               c3:sruFunction ="implementationMapHandler">
        info:srw/extensions/1/ident-v1.0 serverInfo

type == Which sort of extension is it
sruName == What to look for with SRU
function == Function to call to implement this extension
sruFunction == Function to call to turn SRU into internal SRW form

Secondly there's no space in the base ZeeRex to indicate whether or not
that particular extension is part of the accept-any 'package'. Given the
nature of accept-any, I don't think it's even particularly useful, in the
same way that we don't have a way to say exactly what happens when you
omit the index from a query... any way to specify it would be overly
complicated for little gain.   However servers are free to add extensions
to the zeerex data, so long as it doesn't obscure the structure or the
information (see the docs for the details)


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