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> Subject: Re: Server Identification in the Explain Record
> > Really the only difference between what we are describing is
> > the granularity
> > of the overall service offered. I'm suggesting they will come
> > in packages,
> > Matthew is suggesting they will be individual services,
> Not necessarily - in my model the client might request a particular
> class/group of services rather than individual services. The different
> is that the client requests a service or class of services to the
> server, rather than identify itself as a particular client or
> class/groupd of clients.
> Matthew

Agree. You are offering the client more say in the transaction. I am
suggesting "if you're one of these - this is what you get". (This discussion
could now move into the role of free will in computer transactions, but I
think we've gone far enough down this path. ;-)