Whew.  In case anyone encounters a similar problem, I figured it out -- the
thead-row-entry construction immediately follows the did in the ancestor c0#
of the items that need the column headings. In other words, my inventory has
alpha divisions at the c02 level and items are enumerated at the c03 level
each using 2 container elements (Box and Folder), so in the ancestor c01,
following the did, I insert

<c01 level="series">
        <unittitle>Correspondence-Subject Files</unittitle>
            <entry>Box</entry>        <-- these are the column headings for
all children
            <entry>Folder</entry>    <-- these are the column headings for
all children
                <unittitle>Adams, Walter Burt</unittitle>
                    <unitdate normal="1958">1958</unitdate>
                    <container type="Box">1</container>
                    <container type="Folder">1</container>

That yields the correct column headings.


From: Encoded Archival Description List on behalf of MicheleR
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Subject: another eadcb#.xsl question...column headings

Here's another question regarding the eadcb# style sheets.  For some of
them, "the position and text of column headings are determined by the
presence of <thead> elements encoded in the description" [EAD cookbook].
Where in the description do these theads go?  I've tried them several
hundred places (well, it SEEMS like several hundred) and I'm not getting any
output.  Any ideas?  An example would be lovely...

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