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We received these as a donation-- we just could not use the amount sent to us.  We will ship to whoever wants them at no cost.  having a meeting?  Need Gifts for guests? 

Title   Author  Number on Hand 
20th Century American Newspapers In Content and Production      Lindley, William         12    
Agricultural Technology in the Twentieth Century        Hunt, R. Douglas         243   
Air Command Chronicles Untold Tales from Vietnam, Latin America, and Back Again  1222          
Along Golden Hills      Ross, Harold     38    
America Daredevil Balloonist W.H. Donaldson, 1840-1875  Raab, James      24    
Arthur Hill Western Actor, Miner, and Law Officer       Moring, John     7     
Austria and United States Forces Austria        Arnold, Thomas   16    
Bail Out        Tenhaken, Mel    403   
Blue Catalinas of World War II  Mills, James     1241  
Brannick and the Untamed West   Ross, Harold     156   
Buffalo Soldiers        Arnold, Thomas   245   
Court of Inquiry Neglecting the Possible U.S. Navy Mistakes     Persons, Benjamin        612   
Experiment in Liberty The First Five Hundred Years o Freedom    Gray, William   1521   
Gold Mining Surgeon     Gottlieb, Leon   620   
Hard Times, Good Times in Oregon Recollections of the 1930s     Lindley, William         1176  
Historic Kansas A centenary Sketchbook  Whittemore, Margaret     33    
Inside At SAC Operations Analysis General Lemay Zimmerman, Carroll       198   
Journal of the West April 1991 Vol. XXX No. 2   Agricultural Tech        56    
Myths and the American West     Etulain, Richard         275   
Out Of the Black Land Prairie   Harris, Era      12    
Passages to Freedom A story of capture and escape       Frelinghuysen, Joseph    823   
Resistance Fighter A Teenage Girl in World War II France        Sevier, Elisabeth        159   
Sensei The Ultra American       Zaugg, Harold    111   
Surface of His Earth Understanding the Connections      Tranel, Daniel   2552  
Throughout My Passing Day       Ross, Harold     10    
W.W. Lang Florida General "Old Blizzards"       Raab, James      296   

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