National Library of Medicine
Bethesda, Maryland

Position Announcement

Collection Management Librarian:  The position is located in Library Operations, Public Services Division, Preservation and Collection Management Section (PCM), Collection Management Unit (CMU).  The incumbent serves as a librarian in the Collection Management Unit.  The Unit is responsible for collection management functions that include binding, book repair, shelving, inventory, collection security, and space management.  The incumbent assists the Unit Head in all matters related to management of NLM's collections.  Serves as Project Officer or Alternate Project Officer for the NLM binding preparation, binding, serials inventory, and shelving contracts.  Plans, organizes and carries to completion major projects designed to preserve collection materials in a variety of formats including audiovisual and electronic resources.  Prepares and conducts staff training in care and handling of materials and disaster response.  Trains, coordinates, and reviews the work of CMU library technicians and student assistants.

National Library of Medicine:  World's largest health sciences library with collections of over 7,500,000 items, located in Bethesda, Maryland within minutes from Metro and less than 3 miles outside of Washington, DC.

Qualifications required:  ALA- accredited master's degree in Library/Information Science.  Knowledge, experience and/or specialized training with binding, book repair, or other preservation activities.  Ability to communicate well and establish rapport with professional and support personnel, as well as effective management and supervisory skills. 

Series & Grade:  GS-1410-9/12 (full-time permanent); $43,365 - $81,747

Position Available:  July 11, 2005

Application Deadline:  June 3, 2005

To Apply:  Submit resume online at

Further Information:  Go to and enter the Job Announcement Number: NLM-05-72577 in the Keyword Search box.    For questions, please call Susan Burns at (301) 594-2291 or Mary Kate Dugan at (301) 435-7113.