See below the announcement about PREMIS. It will be interesting to see how
people implement this as METS extension schema(s). Per Jerry McDonough,
who wrote the schemas, there a few things in the existing schemas designed
to make life a little easier for METS people (e.g. ID, IDREF). There may
be a need in the future for a more METS specific implementation (or
application profiles) once there's experience using the schemas.


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From: Bolander,Robert
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 5:25 PM
To: Lavoie,Brian
Subject: PREMIS Working Group Publishes Data Dictionary for Preservation

OCLC and RLG have announced the release of a comprehensive guide to core
metadata for supporting the long-term preservation of digital materials.

Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata: Final Report of the PREMIS
Working Group is the product of the foremost international
consensus-building effort directed at preservation metadata, and it is
likely to become the foundation for future work in this area.

Ongoing maintenance of the data dictionary and associated XML schemas,
along with a forum for implementors, will be provided by the PREMIS
maintenance activity.

Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata includes in a single document
the PREMIS working group's final report, the data dictionary, and a
series of examples illustrating use of the data dictionary. The report,
data dictionary, and examples can also be downloaded as three separate



Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata and related materials

PREMIS maintenance activity


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