So we're faced with a choice of (a) being non-compliant with the w3c xlink
spec, or (b) having unwanted attributes imposed.

I'm not clear on the down-side of (a); what does this abstract compliance
buy us, compliance to a flawed spec that's going to be fixed next version.

The down-side of (b) is clear.

I think we should go with the change I suggested earlier.


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Subject: Re: [MODS] xlink:type attribute and MODS

> Andrew E Switala wrote:
> > Considering the post that started this thread, maintaining the
> > current semantics without using default attribute values would
> > require an explicit "xlink:type='simple'" on every <titleInfo>,
> > <relatedItem>, <name>, etc. *even if no "href" attribute is present*.
> Right ... I forgot again that XSD doesn't allow attribute-based
> Sigh ... it explains the DTD/XSD hack of default values.
> Bruce