I'm working on some XSLT for MODS, and I have some questions that maybe
someone on the list might have some feedback on.

       <mods:placeTerm type="text">[Chicago, Ill.] : National
Association for the Education and Advancement of Cambodian, Laotian and
Vietnamese Americans (NAFEA), 1995</mods:placeTerm>
      <mods:dateCreated encoding="w3cdtf"

Q1: Does putting the publisher in the placeTerm make sense?  Why
wouldn't someone use the mods:publisher element here?  Is putting the
date in the placeTerm valid?  If the date is in the placeTerm; should
there even be a dateCreated?

Q2: For date display, could a reasonable logic go like this?: 1) display
unqualified date if it exists 2) if no unqualified date; only then
display the qualified date.

<mods:name type="corporate">
      <mods:namePart>The News and Observer</mods:namePart>
       <mods:roleTerm type="text"
     <mods:typeOfResource>still image</mods:typeOfResource>
      <mods:dateCreated>November 2, 1997</mods:dateCreated>
      <mods:dateCreated encoding="w3cdtf"

Q3: In what cases should someone use name/namePart[roleTerm='Publisher']
rather than originInfo/publisher ?  6 of one, half a dozen of the other?

thanks for any insight,

-- Brian