On May 2, 2005, at 6:24 PM, Andrew E Switala wrote:

> I think what he's getting at (correct me if I'm wrong, Thomas) is that
> every <titleInfo>, <relatedItem>, etc. in the post-schema validation
> infoset is a simple XLink, even if there's no "href" attribute. That
> is valid, since "href" is only required on locator type XLinks
> ( XLink-aware processing should,
> then, check both attributes as you suggest.

Right, but this means documents are dependent on the MODS XSD schema to
be valid, and for processing tools to correctly handle them.  Documents
thus are not self-contained, which I think is a really bad way to
handle XML that I wish the designers of XSD has left in the dustbins of
XML history, along with SGML and DTDs.

To bring it back to MODS and other LoC schemas, I don't think they
should rely on default attributes.  It serves no useful purpose, while
adding significant potential problems.