No, I was referring to what would have to be done to make leave MODS unchanged, without using default attributes. Currently, <titleInfo> in a source document is the equivalent of <titleInfo xlink:type="simple"> after validation. If this is not actually what is intended, the default value can be removed and co-occurence constraints (i.e. xlink:type is present if and only if xlink:href is present) can be enforced in XML Schema with the <key>, <keyref>, and <unique> elements.


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Andrew E Switala wrote:
> Considering the post that started this thread, maintaining the
> current semantics without using default attribute values would
> require an explicit "xlink:type='simple'" on every <titleInfo>,
> <relatedItem>, <name>, etc. *even if no "href" attribute is present*.

Right ... I forgot again that XSD doesn't allow attribute-based validation.

Sigh ... it explains the DTD/XSD hack of default values.