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> Publication dates are generally considered dateIssued. Could also be the
> same as date created, but not necessarily. dateCreated is date of creation
> of intellectual content.

    User guidelines say dateCreated is additionally field 260$g "date of manufacture".

> > Q3: In what cases should someone use name/namePart[roleTerm='Publisher']
> > rather than originInfo/publisher ?  6 of one, half a dozen of the other?
> It is to cover the case where you consider the publisher a contributor in
> some way. If it serves the purpose of just publishing it, I'd just use
> mods:originInfo:publisher. It's the case where, like in MARC, you decide
> the publisher deserves an access point for some special contribution made
> to the resource.

    <name> is also useful for linking to an authority record for the publisher.