I kept the same example that has been in that LCRI for the last 20 years without checking to see if it was still valid.  I will revise the example to use something that indeed has no publs. in LC or make up one, perhaps one of our NACO catalogers can send me an example.  The point of the example and guidance is to make a bit more cost efficient the need for making references when there is not a bibliographic record that requires that particular heading and one can reasonably expect that there will not ever be such a need; especially useful when dealing with non-English language government agencies, etc. that have long ceased to exist and little information can be found to establish an official name.  Can't wait to hear what Gary has to say.
Thanks for the feedback.
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Regarding the revised guidelines on 5XXs:

When is a publication in the LC database?  I note that the earlier name in the [no publs. in LC database] example on p. 2, Stover Manufacturing Company, is not in the LC database as an AACR2 heading, but "Stover Manufacturing Co., Freeport, Ill." is, as a [from old catalog] heading. In practice, should the latter be regarded as in the LC database, or not? If not, are there any exeptions for obsolete headings in RLIN or OCLC?


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CPSO has posted for comment a draft revision of LCRI 26.3B-C at:
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