Hi, I am not sure if this is the right mailing list to ask these
questions. I apologize if it is not.

I have a couple of questions on CQL and XCQL. In the example given on
the XCQL webpage at

The XCQL is only a segment of an XML document. Studying the XCQL schema,
I think for CQL statements that start with prefixes, like the example in
that page, it seems not possible to create a valid XML document to
contain the statement. In another word, the XCQL created only can be a
part of a bigger XML document.

Does this mean that XCQL is intended to be embedded in a SOAP message or
other types of XML documents, rather than be contained in a single XML

Another question is about how CQL is expected to be used. Right now
there are several CQL parsers/compilers but most of them compiles a
statement into XCQL. This makes sense since it's easier to parse and
analyze an XCQL document semantically. However, how this query should be
used to retrieve results from the local index or databases is not
defined.  Is this left for the SRW/SRU implementers to decide?

Hope I made myself clear. Thank you for you help!

David Jiao

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