I was writting a few mail with questions about SRW, I
told you that I am doing my thesis of bachelor in
System Engineer about a Clearinghouse for Geospatial
Data with SRW, I am proud that tell you, that we
participated in a
competition or some like that about investigation
project in systems, and we participate with our
thesis, and we won. But the most important Ď think is
that my partner and me gave to know abot the SRW ant
the topic interests a lot all.

The project is not finished at all, and some details
we not sure is corecctly implemented, but for us doing
a working with it was a great experience, because we
without nothing of experience in that and a lack of
knowledges. The project no its very big, but has many
things that in my conuntry not are known.

But thanks to the help of the this group and your
encouragement we have been able to it make posible.

I am only tell you about this,


PD. I have other questions about SRW, and things that
we put for supply needs that have in the application.
But of the few time free that I have  I cant do it, I
hope would write later for ask you about aspect of

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