All DVD discs are two discs bonded together with an adhesive to form a
single disc, whether they are single-sided, double-sided, single-sided dual
layer, etc.
Delamination, as being discussed in this thread, refers to failure of the
adhesive that binds the two disc halves together.


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>Can anyone confirm that glue failure is actually a problem and DVDs are
>delaminating all over the place. I have subjected 15 brands of DVD-R
>7 brands of DVD-RW discs, and about 75 DVD movie discs to accelerated
>conditions. The total amount of discs tested was close to 200. Not one

Delamination should not be a problem on single-sided DVDs and I doubt that
there is serious consideration of two-sided blanks for archiving (even
DVD-RAM). Perhaps another term is intended here, but I am not aware of
"lamination" in production of single-sided recordable DVDs.

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