WaveLab 5 (by Steinberg) allows me to drop track markers wherever I want
along the time line.  I can also drop them at specifically keyed points
(ex: 25mn18s284ms) or drag them around by clicking and holding.

Others may disagree--you can't please everyone, I guess--but I find WaveLab
to a be a very functional and easy to use software application.


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At 04:33 AM 6/3/2005, you wrote:

>Recording directly to computer
>1. "Use a computer, spend 5 minutes dropping track marks, ... total 10
>minutes."  Inserting track marks can be tedious if it involves cutting and
>pasting.  (Also slow and may require a lot of memory, fast computer, and/or
>lots of disk swapping.)  Is there a way to do this with software, with a
>press of a button?