>I'm pretty sure that the tape won't melt at 130 degrees.

I've had tape curl at 130 degrees F, and usually try to stay between 120
and 125 when I bake.

>2- I prefer a wind which utilises a larger diameter core that a 10.5
>inch reel provides rather than the one that a seven inch or smaller reel
>provides. In short , less internal tension due to the larger size hub.

This presumes that there are no plastic 10.5 inch reels with the larger NAB
hub. There are and are just as usable for baking as the metal reels.

>3- Most of the material that I handle is on NAB hubs which would be
>even more problematic if broken down to smaller reels. But even when I
>bake a seven inch or smaller reel in length , I still put it on a NAB
>10.5 inch metal reel.

You can put it on a plastic NAB hub/10.5 inch reel and not have to break it

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