As I know you're aware (I'm writing this to the others on the list, really,
not you), there is a huge difference between most of the "backup" tape
solutions that have been sold over the years and the enterprise-class tape
solutions like LTO. We definitely need clarification here.

However, as you are aware as well, the roadmap for LTO and AIT and S-AIT
make keeping a given format around much more than five years questionable,
I believe most of these formats will read back two generations and write
back one generation, but the space saving with a doubling of capacity per
generation makes you want to upgrade the library. The only downside of this
is it generates a lot of trash for the landfill and also costs some money,
but the upgrades are probably close to free compared to adding slots to the
robotic library system.



At 09:10 PM 6/9/2005, John Spencer wrote:
>were you using a specific software backup application, or using
>Windows generic backup utility, or a TAR archive?
>John Spencer
>On Jun 9, 2005, at 7:46 PM, Ken Hansen wrote:
>>I also would never trust DATA backup for longer than 5 years.
>>The past two places I worked I found this out the hard way.
>>Trying to restore 5 and 8 years old data respectively yielded horrible
>>We then implemented a policy to have all Data tapes checked and re
>>backed up to new AIT tapes with the understanding that those tapes
>>would then be checked in 5 years time.
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