Hi, Phillip,

I'm finding the imaging to be better than any other space I've owned. It's
great fun. I have to look to make sure the centre speaker isn't on <smile>
when I'm listening to stereo recordings with a centre-placed vocal.

I don't DO grooved restorations. The 1200 is there for fun. I DO tape
restorations, but once in a while a client wants me to do an LP--and I
transfer some of my own LPs. I don't have (m)any 78s.

The isolation transformer has an electrostatic shield. It is from Marcus
Transformers in Montreal. It is a 7.5kVA unit and is fed off an aux panel
with a dual 40A breaker at 240V and it gives me 120V from that, so I'm
isolated from noise and any loss-of-neutral "accidents" It was as much to
protect the equipment as anything else.



At 09:49 AM 6/11/2005, you wrote:
>Really nice!  How's the imaging?  Can you tell me more on the isolation
>transformer?  Being a vinyl junkie, it'd be nice to see you with a 301 or
>TD124 with your 1200 (you don't do much with old wax?).

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