I just wanted to mention that I played again with Magix's Audio Cleaning
Lab (ACL) which I downloaded in Q1 of 2004. There is probably an update.

I don't work for Magix--they just have some of my money in the form of
Samplitude upgrades and license.

Anyway, ACL got me asking, "how much did I spend for this other software?"

It's more limited. It won't read 88.2 ks/s, 24 bit files, but it allows
direct-x plugins.

I'm amazed, with de-click, de-crackle, noise, and hiss reduction as well as
some dubious "mastering" effects (like widening the stereo image). It's
cheep. The interface is "cool" to some group. I find it cloying, but it's
straightforward and simple to use,  but allows you to drill down and do
more. It has a 10-band graphic EQ, but I don't think it's the best at
rumble removal.

I'm going to try it a bit more when I have time. It does have almost
everything a home user or small archive would want for cleaning audio in an
understandable way at a wonderful price.

I would look around at for more details.



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