Hi, Chris and Jim,

I can second the suggestion for the Technics 1200--I have a MK II that
someone gave me. I also have an older 1100. I like the 1200 better.

While there are lots of esoteric audio setups around, the Stanton 681 (80s
model, maybe even early 90s) that I'm now using is great into an RTS 405

I spent a good deal of time comparing LPs to CDs (and in one case the
master tape) and found in many instances, the LPs and CDs sounded almost
the same. In a few instances, there were huge differences.

I find this setup eminently listenable, but I don't do discs as part of my
transfer business--it's for my own enjoyment, really (although a few
clients have asked me to do the odd disc and I won't say no, especially
when that's the only copy of a good recording available (i.e. the master's
gone missing).

I find the 1200 an improvement over the 1100 as far as hum is concerned
(the 1100 could hum but it never learned the tune or the words).

You can see mine at

I also have a fairly nice (and perhaps better isolated) Harman Kardon belt
drive TT in the family room with an older Stanton 681 going into whatever
preamp is in the Technics receiver that's there and it sounds OK+

I also have a Dual 1219 sitting in a carton next to the 1100 (neither for
sale). The Dual is the only 78rpm turntable I own, but I don't do 78s.



At 02:30 PM 6/13/2005, you wrote:
>13 June 2005
>     That's funny - the statement about the Thorens
>crashing into the dumpster being the best sound it
>    I've had a few of the Thorens 124's and 160's.
>I never liked them much. I've also had a thousand
>  other turntables over the years.
>    If you want to buy new, I lke the Technics
>1200Mk2. We just received a new one here at work.
>They have improved the feet and chassis to
>help isolate external vibrations. And they
>have a simple adjustment to set tonearm height.
>IT IS NOT SEMI-AUTOMATIC, only manual. But it
>is a nice heavy turntable that should give many
>years of reliable use. At $450. it leaves money for a
>good cartridge compared to much more expensive tables.
>   If you want to buy used, I have a Technics 1700
>at home which is an auto-return model.(not for sale)
>It's ok, but
>not as nice as the 1200. They also made a model
>(1900?) which was an automatic version of the 1200.
>But buying used may put you into another situation
>where you might have problems. Some older turntables
>developed problems with the cueing mechanisms which
>caused the stylus to scratch across the record during
>auto-return. Some were easy to service, some not.
>   What I like about the 1200 is that you can listen
>to your records as the debates flow back
>and forth comaring/contrasting belt drives, platform
>isolated tonearms, S-shape or straight tonearms,
>linear tracking arms, la de da, la de da .......
>   My opinion is, buy a turnatble with plenty of
>weight/mass and a sturdy toearm, then put your money
>into the cartridge which is where most of the sound
>characteristic comes from.
>   I'm NOT a big Technics/Panasonic fan. But they
>did consistently make some nice turntables. And
>some cheap ones too.
>--- James Lindner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > I would like to get a turntable for personal use -
> > not for restoration, just
> > to play back some of my personal collection of LP's
> > for personal listening.
> > No transcription disks or anything fancy - just for
> > home use, no "DJ
> > Scratching" - just playing some old disks in
> > reasonably good condition.
> >
> > I want something that has good isolation, that may
> > be the most important
> > issue where my turntable is located. People will
> > walk on the floor nearby -
> > it is unavoidable. Nothing huge - it has to fit on a
> > normal "entertainment
> > center" shelf.
> >
> > I hate hum - I had to throw away a thorens 145c -
> > worst hum in history and I
> > could not get it out of the system no matter what I
> > did and no matter what I
> > tried, it did however make a very nice sound as it
> > smashed into the dumpster
> > when dropped 20 feet - that was probably the best
> > sound it ever made. I am
> > not interested in another  "project" - I just want
> > something out of the box
> > that works.  I would prefer automatic or
> > semi-automatic.
> >
> > Suggestions??
> >
> > Jim Lindner
> >
> > *
> >

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