On Sun, 12 Jun 2005, David Lennick wrote:

> Adrian Cosentini wrote:
> > I dated the drummer from, Psycho Sluts from Hell. She was the most normal
> > one ;-)
> >
> > Adrian
> A young lady I knew 25 years ago sang with a band called Filthy Lucre. And a
> friend has reminded me that there was one called Buster Hyman and the
> Penetrators.

To which I will add the punk band..."Worthless pieces of shit." The
student newspaper at the University of Arizona (where I was teaching at
the time) did a review of them...I still have the clipping.

With postings taking this a graduate student assistant working
in the music I would file cards in the catalog (this was over
30 years ago) keep things interesting we complied an "ugly name
list." If prompted I will be happy to share some gems from that list.