At 11:43 AM 6/14/2005 -0700, Eric Jacobs wrote:

>Next, I would get my hands on a home asbestos kit (usually used for testing
>sprayed on ceilings and heating ducts), and place some belt flakes in the
>and ship it off for testing.  This should cost less than $50, and will give
>you a definitive answer on the asbestos - which you really need.

Though I am not a physician or other expert, I question that last clause.

Asbestosis is caused by accumulated asbestos in the lungs. It derives from
long-term exposure, hence is a risk for those who mined or worked regularly
with the material or who spend long periods in a facility where it is
exposed. In short, using the projector should poses no problem even if the
belt is strengthened with asbestos - improbable as that is.

Other sources of information which may allay any fears are EPA, OSHA and
state or local equivalents. While this is not the sort of occupational
hazard envisioned by OSHA, it is one on which they should have ample
information and procedures.

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