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>Isn't Soundforge PC only?
>Steve Smolian

I was thinking the same thing.  So is WaveLab, I believe.

Personally, I don't like anything about PCs.  (They make me think of
Dilbert, which is mildly depressing.) But most work environments call for
them.  It's just a financial reality.  Right now I am working with WaveLab
5.0 which I have found to be functional and easy to use.  But I'm only
capturing audio.

Others could speak to video/film, and for that I might try a parallel post
on the AMIA list, but I'll add that every film maker/editor that I know
uses Macs.  Every last one of them....  This is at least partially because
of Final Cut Pro (an Apple product).  Enhanced resolution doesn't hurt
either, I suppose.

-- Brandon

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>Here's one item for your arsenal: there are excellent peices of software
>written, or sometimes optimized, for MacOS. Digital Performer and other MOTU
>(Mark of the Unicorn) products are a good example. Most A/V/MIDI software
>that run on PC's also run on MacOS - I've never seen a software title become
>popular unless it is MacOS compatible.
>Damien J. Moody
>Information Technology Services
>Library of Congress
>>>>Klara Foeller <[log in to unmask]> 06/17/05 10:55 AM >>>
>Dear Colleagues -
>I'm at war with my supervisor on the subject of Macs vs. PCs when it
>comes to digitizing analog audio & video.  He has a bias against Mac,
>while all my periodical & on-line research, plus many consultations with
>colleagues in media archiving, broadcasting and production, clearly
>indicates that Mac is the strongly preferred system.
>Please send ammunition.  Especially if you can quantify in $$$ and/or
>lost productivity.  All apocryphal stories welcome.
>Klara Foeller,
>Curator, Moving Image & Sound Collections
>Missouri Historical Society
>314 746-4513
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