At 12:19 PM 6/17/2005 -0500, Scott Phillips wrote:
>Yep, SF is PC only. Actually, the PC end of things is much better than
>it used to be. Can't say I've had sync or other issues with a PC running
>good software and a properly set up PC with enough horsepower... But
>then, that's just me.

My experience is that short clips - up to 30 minutes or so - are likely to
be fine. But any sort of anomaly can cause the picture to freeze for a few
frames to a few seconds and to remain out of sync at least to the next
glitch. The result is that capturing a lengthy selection almost always
results in audio anticipating video. It can be corrected in Adobe Premiere
or a similar tool, but the effort involved is prohibitive. I've found an
occasional problem with the standalone, but it's rarely more than a few
frames of error and it is corrected within a second or two; in short, it
needs careful watching to be detectable.

I've used a number of systems and a number of capture devices and programs
with similar results. It is true that the more hardware and the
higher-powered software are more resistant than marginal hardware and
software, but getting an hour or more of material in without problems had
defeated me.

As usual, YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary.

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