Thanks to Richard Hess and Damien Moody, and thanks for replies in two
related threads.  Sorry for the stupid e-mail address with the ficticious
name.  :)

The quest comes down to a few more specific questions.

Recording directly to computer
1. "Use a computer, spend 5 minutes dropping track marks, ... total 10
minutes."  Inserting track marks can be tedious if it involves cutting and
pasting.  (Also slow and may require a lot of memory, fast computer, and/or
lots of disk swapping.)  Is there a way to do this with software, with a
press of a button?

2. What software will do this conveniently?  Do I need a whole 1 GB  to
handle this conveniently if I record a whole side on one track?

3. Among computer cards, it comes down to something like CardDeluxe or
M-Audio 2496.  A 4-fold price difference!  But,... that means bringing the
sound equipment to the computer, and it would be nice to just listen in the
living room.  Is there a good laptop solution?

Freestanding recording equipment
Editing during recording seems like a bad idea unless I can just press a
button to insert a track marker *instantly*.  Pressing <stop>, then
repositioning the needle, then pressing <record> can be very time-consuming,
since I have quite a few records with many short bands.  The ideal would be
instantanious, manual track insertion with a remote.  (And I want no part of
automatic track insertion.)

1. Does the CDR-W33s (or any other, for that matter--professional or
otherwise) allow this?  (I see the CDR-W33s still offered on the Web.)

2. Are there any home units that allow this?  (I haven't found one yet.)

Thanks very much for your help.  It is very much appreciated.