On 25/06/05, Goran Finnberg wrote:

> Having spoken to Dr Moorer of Sonic Solutions he claimed that there
> were no particular problem even on bandwith limited material to
> discriminate between clicks and music.

Muted trumpet is the test. The waveform is a series of spikes almost
identical in shape to typical clicks.

> The same argument as above can be said about music recording where
> most mics roll off at 12 dB/octave minimum above 12 to 20 kHz, Neumann
> 67/87 at 14 kHz, so in those cases it's an absolute waste using
> anything higher than 44.1 from a frequency content information view.
> So my point is simply that there's very little content above 20 khz
> coming off mechanical transducers and due to this a greater sampling
> frequency than 44.1 kHz will not add anything useful for the software
> to chew on.

I disagree. Given a suitable cartridge, the trumpet will roll off about
20KHz and the clicks will not.

Don Cox
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