Hi, Andy,

I had poor luck with a copier and sent it back.

I adapted an older Dell 333MHz PII machine (Win 98SE) to this task
with two Plextor drives (one is SCSI) and I variously used CloneCD
(no longer available),, and
software. It copies far more than most stand-alone copiers and works
fine with MAM-A disks.

Some of these packages have "burn proof" so they'll slow down if the
buffer fills. The Goldenhawk costs, EAC is free, the last time I checked.



At 12:55 PM 6/27/2005, you wrote:

>Has anyone
>had any experience with a 1 to 1 CD copier they are happy with -
>especially using gold CDs? Thanks.
>Andy Lanset, Archivist
>WNYC Radio

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