Bob, your reasons all make sense. Thanks for sharing them.

As for the U-Matics, they are difficult (much more so than audio
cassettes) to get back together once taken apart, so I just bake them as
is. I've got pretty good hands for this stuff, but I still know from
experience that it is very easy to mangle the tape in a VHS or U-Matic
cartridge trying to get one back together. While I've only done this
with video, this would also apply to U-Matics or (S-)VHS tapes that hold
digital audio, and I wouldn't take them apart unless I absolutely had to
(e.g. a broken splice).

David Seubert

Robert Hodge wrote:

>Hello David,
>I always use metal reels for a couple of reasons :
>1- Outgassing from the unknown composition plastic reel and chemical
>cross contamination. I've always considered plastic reels  to be of
>something akin to the ubiquitous "pot metal" in composition. I'm pretty
>sure that the tape won't melt at 130 degrees. I'm never sure of the
>reel- especially relative to outgassing..  Even knowing that the SSS
>will return , I'm always looking to keep the original tape in as good a
>condition as possible- Even with a properly re recorded submaster.
>2- I prefer a wind which utilises a larger diameter core that a 10.5
>inch reel provides rather than the one that a seven inch or smaller reel
>provides. In short , less internal tension due to the larger size hub.
>3- Most of the material that I handle is on NAB hubs which would be
>even more problematic if broken down to smaller reels. But even when I
>bake a seven inch or smaller reel in length , I still put it on a NAB
>10.5 inch metal reel.
>I'm glad you've not had problems with plastic reels.
> I've been tempted to try baking U Matic tape while still on its' hub.
>I'd still be tempted to remove it from its' case because of its'
>outgassing and to protect the "cushions" ( for lack of a better phrase)
>that some cases have upon which the pancakes sit  when the cassette
>isn't loaded in a transport.  These cushions aren't always visible
>through the tape viewing window, and all brands may not have them, but I
>have spliced enough tape in them to have seen them in the past..I never
>spliced midway except to make a transfer to new stock when there was no
>other way to retrive the needed footage..VHs , Beta,  DV Cam,DVC Pro and
>Betacam treated similarly.
>I hope like heck that dv tape never has to be baked or treated
>specially.   I Digress...
>All The Best !
>Bob Hodge