This is an incorrect statement.  There are various backup
applications that will skip a bad block of data and continue the
restore process, as well as applications that will report on the
quality of the data archive as it is being written.  Error correction
is not a function of the data storage tape itself.

And I would never trust a data storage tape to be readable 25-30
years from now.

John Spencer

On Jun 9, 2005, at 2:36 PM, Jeffrey Kane wrote:

> I've seen the figure 25-30 years bandied about for data tape. Data
> backups
> are a double edge sword. They have better error correction so the
> data is
> more resilient. However, if there's an unrecoverable error it
> renders ALL
> data for that particular file (and if it's in the directory area,
> all data
> on the tape) unrecoverable. With digital audio tape the error only
> affects
> that portion of the recording.