Also, for what it's worth, the recording mediums, Oxide and Evaporated
Metal , for DV CAM and DVC Pro are incompatable- Using both types of
tape in the same transport, even if the transport is electronically
compatable , will cause head clogs and cross contamination of the tapes
used within that transport. The 2 media
combine to form a sticky compound.

 Nothing to do with SSS.

I attended a DV Cam maintainance school and was informed of this
situation . The chickens came home to roost when the department who
purchased  the  DVC cameras and editing systems ignored this info , and
allowed the users to use whichever type of tape that they wished.

Troubles galore until we could get them to see the light.

Another example of manufacturers' attempting to satisfy everyones
appetite for technological advancement, while at the same time reaking

I Digress...

Bob Hodge
Sr. Engineer
Belfer Audio Archive

>>> [log in to unmask] 6/10/2005 9:46:40 AM >>>
Is there any information around about what is being done for long-term
preservation of digital video? Uncompressed video files are very large,
27mb for every second of video at 30 fps. A full length movie can easily
fill a small hard-drive.

Anonymous SET ARSCLIST DIGEST <[log in to unmask]> wrote: I appreciate
the numerous references to migrating data tapes every 5 years or so.
However, that should not be misinterpreted to mean simple physical
migration but should include a change of file format if warranted.

As for the physical make-up of data tape I'm not sure. I do know that
DV-CAM, R-DAT and other like miniature digital tape types are
manufactured using evaporated metal. This method yields the most
unstable tapes and should be used only for production and storage in the
3 - 5 year time frame only. I personally have seen tapes of both formats
generate huge error counts after only a couple years.

Kevin Irelan

RA Friedman, Archivist
Freedman Jewish Music Archive
University Of Pennsylvania

Webmaster, Yiddish-American Digital Archive
(Not affiliated with University of Pennsylvania)
Restored 78s in Real Audio

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