I remember seeing a photograph of a white paper label test pressing of
this side in a book or magazine related to sound recording somewhere,
but can't remember which one.

Not in " Tinfoil ".  Or "Fabulous Phonograph " which is where I'd
thought I'd seen it.

Does anyone else remember where it is ?

 Bob Hodge

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While we're on the topic, ML 4001 was the first 12" lp in the series.
The first
10" lp, probably in the same release, was Beethoven's 8th Symphony with
Walter and the New York Philharmonic, ML 2001. First popular release,
CL 6001,
was (as if you couldn't guess) "The Voice..of Frank Sinatra".
Interesting that
Columbia began numbering each series at 01 while Victor always started
a series
at 00.


Nicole Blain wrote:

> Thanks John!
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> Sony Masterworks' "Milestones in Columbia's History" web site
> ( says it was
> Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, with Nathan Milstein, the New York
> Philharmonic Orchestra and Bruno Walter (available on CD: SMK
> However, that initial release included several titles, so it seems
> arbitrary to call any one of them the "first." The Milstein/NYP may
> had the first catalog number, but arguably, all of the titles in that
> ought to share the distinction.
> John Ross
> Northwest Folklife
> Seattle
> At  6/10/2005 11:18 AM, Nicole Blain wrote:
> >
> >On June 21st, 1948, Columbia Records launched the first long play
> >record.  Would anyone know who and what were on the very first LP?
> >
> >I've found one source that indicates it may have been Mendelssohn's
> >concerto.
> >