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While  we're on the topic, ML 4001 was the first 12" lp in the series. The
10" lp, probably in the same release, was Beethoven's 8th Symphony  with Bruno
Walter and the New York Philharmonic, ML 2001. First popular  release, CL
was (as if you couldn't guess) "The Voice..of Frank  Sinatra". Interesting
Columbia began numbering each series at 01 while  Victor always started a
at 00.


When I was visiting with Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman, he had a test
pressing framed in his apartment that had been presented to him by Peter
Goldmark of Columbia as being "the first LP record." The label reads Engineering
& Research Development Department, Columbia Broadcasting System,  Experimental
Record No. (number is unreadable). Date: 2/27/46. Scheherazade,  Part 2,
Movements 3 & 4, referp 56755, Book 1. It is signed "To Jac from  Peter Goldmark."
A small plaque in the frame states: "The very 1st LP, 2/27/46,  Gift to Jac
Holzman from Peter Goldmark, director of CBS development team. No  artist is

Cary  Ginell
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