A while back, I was asking here if anyone knew of software that allowed one
to digitize analog audio to the new/emerging EBU standard .BWF files, with
the ability to read and write the metadata of the BEXT chunk.

Well, in a discussion on another professional audio list where I was asking
the same questions, I finally found an answer.  Apparently the AudioCube
system from Cube-Tec with their Quadriga software model does exactly that.

The only problem is that it's expensive.

Nonetheless, I thought I would ask if anyone here had experience with this
system or software, and if they had any opinions they might be able to

Here is the link to their website - it seems they have exactly what one
would need for an audio digitzation project (if one could afford it)...

They also have a Machine Control unit that can digitize audio from 4 stereo
sources including reel-to-reel, DAT, and cassette (amongst others)...

dave nolan