The picture of the test long play disc developed by Dr. Goldmark is on
page 118 of " Music Machines - American Style"

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Cary Ginell wrote:

> When I was visiting with Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman, he had
a test
> pressing framed in his apartment that had been presented to him by
> Goldmark of Columbia as being "the first LP record." The label reads
> & Research Development Department, Columbia Broadcasting System,
> Record No. (number is unreadable). Date: 2/27/46. Scheherazade,  Part
> Movements 3 & 4, referp 56755, Book 1. It is signed "To Jac from
Peter Goldmark."
> A small plaque in the frame states: "The very 1st LP, 2/27/46,  Gift
to Jac
> Holzman from Peter Goldmark, director of CBS development team. No
artist is
> listed.
> Cary  Ginell

Surprisingly, the Rodzinski "Scheherazade" isn't among the first LPs
listed in the
1949 catalog..its first reissue seems to be Entre RL 3001 with a matrix
something like XLP 9601. This was the only Scheherazade they had, and
it would have
been a likely candidate for transfer to LP in the experimental stages
(recorded in
December 1939).

While we're at it, the first Children's LP from Columbia, JL 8001, was
Nursery Songs
done by Gene Kelly.